Home Style Lifesize Avali Plush


Posted April 1st, 2023

SOLD OUT! Who knew so many avali fans lived on the Rexouium home world?

The Home Style Avali Plush is the perfect companion for any Avali fan! Our 3rd design of this species, this life-size plush design incorporates many design changes, taking queues from various VR chat rooms and web comics about their ideal Avali. The Home Style Avali Plush is also incredibly soft and cuddly, making it perfect for cuddling up with on the couch or taking to bed with you at night.

At an original size of roughly 1m, this specially prepared lifesize Avali Plush come in a feather or two smaller due to it’s unique, “cut down” size.

Whether you’re a longtime Avali fan or just here to enjoy the deliciously huggable plush, the Home Style Avali Plush is a must-have for any collection.

NOTE: The colour selector only displays the approximate appearance of the finished plush and is for reference only.


Avali were created by RyuujinZERO

Available on backorder


Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 69 × 27 × 15 cm


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