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Standard Run – July 2023

UPDATE: Plush are still in production and on target for the new expected deadline of July completion. As was previously said, significant delays in late 2022 and early 2023 (COVID lockdowns, COVID infections in the team, and material shortages/delays) caused unavoidable material, worker, and time availability restrictions.

Also, due to the volume of our order, and to properly accommodate for the timelines promised, our plush builder has made a separate production line just for us. I was told to expect to see the first completed Da’vali-inspired lifesize avali plush from this run to be displayable by middle of April. Embroidery and other production work is being done on all standard pattern Da’vali inspired lifesize plush orders right now. Chibi lifesize avali plush are being produced after the Da’vali-inspired run is complete.

The goal is to ship all completed basic-pattern plush together to share on costs so whether yours is completed first or not, they will all ship together. I am not currently aware of what da’vali inspired orders are being produced first.

Custom pattern plush orders are still on hold but customers with existing inquiries will be reached out to once attention can be properly given to them. Thanks again for your patience.

Estimated completion date: July 2023
Next photos & updates: Mid April 2023
Burb: yes

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